We take a different approach at clarity. We want you to know the true ease of natural hair and help you get back to basics.



When you take a seat in our chair, we'll take time to assess your hair before we do anything else, particularly if you're new to Clarity. We'll have a chat to learn a little more about you, and your lifestyle needs as well as what you're wanting style-wise, and then we'll walk you through the Organic Colour Systems philosophy.

Most salons will get to work at this point, but at Clarity, we first take time here to properly detox your hair to gain insight into what condition it's in and apply a treatment to nourish it before we do anything else. It's difficult for us to really help you repair and restore your beautiful natural locks without having first cleared the build up of silicons and other synthetic chemicals found in most hair care products (even natural ones). Once we've detoxed your hair we'll be able to make a plan with you to create what you want in terms of style and colour. We have an incredible range of colours on hand (including some wildly creative choices) and almost nothing is off limits!

We do our best work when we're working with your natural beauty.

Trust us when we say that at the end of your appointment when you get to feel and see the texture of your hair, you'll never want to go back to using 'normal' hair products again.


organic colour systems

After assessing your hair and discussing your needs, we'll work with you on a plan using the Organic Colour Systems products which use a maximum amount of organic ingredients to strengthen, repair, and give a gorgeous natural lustre to your hair.

We use nearly the whole range of OCS colour and care products in the salon including:

  • No Limits Semi-Permanent Colours
  • Revive Volumising Dry Shampoo
  • AquaBoost for dehydrated and damaged hair
  • PowerBuild for weak and brittle locks
  • SoothePlus for sensitive skin
  • StatusQuo for healthy, normal hair that doesn't need extra care (great for kids)
  • The Control range of styling products (including style holding products to replace your standard toxic hairsprays)
  • The Create range of styling products for keeping curls fresh

We have a full suite of products available to purchase for home as well, and we'll chat to you about what's best for you to keep things easy and fuss free.



Jacinta has over 12 years experience in the salon, and is committed to staying up to date with the latest techniques in cut and colouring, continually attending training and industry events. We love making you feel amazing and like your best self.

We offer:

  • Womens Style Cuts
  • Mens Style Cuts
  • Childrens Cuts
  • Colour - natural, covering greys, or creative
  • Blowwaves
  • Treatments

There's no style too daring for us, and we love a challenge. The only time we might steer you in another direction is if we strongly feel that your hair isn't in a healthy enough condition to happily hold the style you're dreaming of, and instead work on a plan to get it in better condition first. The health of your hair is our biggest priority.



As part of your appointment we'll make sure you have all the products you need to keep your hair in incredible condition. It's important to us that after we've made sure your hair is back to it's beautiful, natural state, that it's easy for you to keep it that way.

We've all been there - towards the end of your appointment the stylist plonks down a handful of bottles and tubs and rattles off a complicated hair care regime that most people just don't have the time (or patience) to upkeep.  We're a family run business so we get it, you have other things to do and can't spend hours on your hair every day. That's why we'll always take into account your lifestyle and budget too. We appreciate that investing in a full suite of products right away isn't always practical, so we can chat with you about what is absolutely necessary and why we are making the recommendations.

Anytime you need to top up you're welcome to pop into the salon to pick up whatever you need.