If you’ve ever had a regular sauna (think: sweaty old dudes in tiny white towels), this ain’t that. Infrared energy heats your body from within (vs the air around you), which means you can expect superior results at lower temperatures.

So, what can it do for you? Everything from encouraging skin and tissue detoxification to helping with stress reduction. And remember, regular sweat sessions = extra-glowy skin.


Q: Who would benefit from infrared sauna?

a. Just about anyone can enjoy the perks, but it’s an especially good way to get your sweat on if you’re injured or otherwise unable to exercise. Also perfect for those looking to lose weight, relax or boost circulation. Bit of a gym bunny? It helps with muscle recovery, too. For a comprehensive detox, chat to us about combining your sessions with a colonic irrigation program.

Q. What’s the difference between infrared and steam saunas?

a. Infrared saunas use infrared energy which penetrates the body directly, achieving therapeutic effects at a lower temperature than steam saunas. Steam saunas use moist heat (water over coals) to warm the environment, resulting in a hotter overall temperature. Infrared saunas tend to be more comfortable and are better at boosting detoxification processes through sweat.

Q. What can I expect during a treatment?

a. Once in the treatment room you’ll strip down to a swimming costume and seat yourself inside the sauna. The temperature will slowly rise (up to 55 degrees Celsius is generally recommended but we tailor the heat for every client) as you sit back and relax. We recommend bringing water, a book or podcast with you to enjoy as you pass the time. iHealth Saunas (our go-to sauna supplier) recommend a 30 to 45 minute session depending on your needs, so please allow an hour for the entire experience.

Q. What are the benefits?

a. Clearer, softer and healthier-looking skin, improved circulation, faster muscle recovery, pain relief, even weight loss. Infrared sauna therapy also regulates cortisol levels which can leave you feeling deeply relaxed.