We start every appointment the same way: with an in-depth and honest chat about your wants and needs, your current lifestyle challenges (because they change, just like you), and the health of your hair.

Now here’s where things get different.

Next, we’ll recommend a detox. Detoxing your strands from the silicone found in conventional shampoos and conditioners is simple, and when done before a cut or colour, makes a world of difference to the end result. Because silicone masks hair damage (that’s why many shampoo companies use it), our clients often have an OMG moment when they see what their hair is really like in its natural state, without the fakeness.

Check out our full process and services below.


you tell us what you want, we tell you how we can achieve it


a deep cleanse that removes silicone build up to reveal your real hair

Wet Strand Test.png

wet strand test:
this tells us what’s missing in your hair and how to fix it


a mask customised for you based on the results of your wet strand test

Cut or Colour.png

cut or colour (or both!):
pretty self-explanatory - choose your hair makeover adventure with the help of our experts


a bouncy blowdry? beachy waves? pin-straight strands? We do it all!


a mini lesson in how to keep your new ‘do looking good at home



With over a decades’ worth of experience in the hair industry, founder Jacinta Chaffey is enthusiastic about keeping our team up-to-date on the latest cutting techniques. In addition to women’s and men’s haircuts, we also offer children’s cuts. (Because a chemical-free approach to hair care is important for kids, too.)

You won't find stock standard toxic dyes in our salon. We use a natural ingredient-based system of professional products that strengthens hair while colouring it. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Think of it as first-class hair colour, without the usual compromise


A focus on healthy hair doesn’t mean fashion-forward styles are out of the question - we’ve created everything from formal up-dos to box braids for our clients. If you’re after something less daring, that’s cool too. We’re equally well known for our naturally beautiful blowdries.


We're convinced: Once you see and feel the texture of your hair post-detox, you'll never go back to using "normal" products again. Our highly-trained stylists will set you up with a doable homecare routine to help you manage your shiny new ‘do, no matter your budget.



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