Looking to experience the next level of self-care? You’re in the right place.

Here at Clarity Essential Wellness, we do things a little differently. Sure, we offer all your favourite hair and beauty services - using premium organic and natural products to boot - but we also provide a range of why-didn’t-I-try-this-sooner wellness treatments you might not have experienced before.

Think: detoxifying colonic irrigation and infrared sauna. 

Why? Because we believe in a holistic approach to healthy living. In fact, it’s what we’re best known for.

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Founded by Sale local and hairstylist Jacinta Chaffey (who has over a decade’s worth of experience in the beauty industry), we’re passionate about enhancing the natural good looks of our clients without harmful chemicals. We have been since the day we opened our doors. That means no shortcuts, no subpar products, and absolutely no BS.

Our unique “whole person” approach goes beyond the surface, which is why we offer treatments for your insides as well as your outsides. In a nutshell: We’re not just another salon.

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What’s so bad about synthetic chemicals anyway

Aside from the multitude of ways these highly toxic ingredients can damage the skin and hair (ammonia-fried strands anyone?), they can also negatively impact your health. From synthetic fragrance, which is known to disrupt hormones, to preservatives with the ability to adversely affect your gut’s microbiome, what goes into making even the most luxe beauty products is seriously scary.

The good news? We only use brands that are natural and organic, ethically made, and – importantly - results-driven. Our clients love them, and so do we.