Do natural hair dyes work?

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The number 1 question we get asked here at Clarity, is whether natural and organic hair dyes actually work? And do you know what our founder, Jacinta Chaffey’s response is?

“I’ve been in business for over 3 years now colouring my customer’s hair with natural organic hair dyes, and people continue coming back”.

We can tell you how awesome natural hair dye is for you, however at the end of the day, it’s really up to what our customers are saying about our hair colouring and products.

So let’s delve a bit deeper into this topic of natural hair dye vs. your everyday hair dye.

What exactly is a natural hair dye?

Natural hair dye, is one which uses no chemicals (no harsh bleaching agents or ammonia) and is safer for your hair, your hairdresser and also for the environment.

They are typically made from natural ingredients and botanicals such as aloe vera, hibiscus and chamomile.

What we use: Organic Colour Systems

We use the Organic Colour Systems (OCS) range of professional hair colours, care and styling products exclusively at Clarity. 


Because a) they’re so amazing we don’t need to stock anything else, and b) OCS has an incredible code of ethics. (And if you haven’t noticed - we’re into that too.) 

OCS holds animal welfare, quality, safety, and sustainability at the core of their business and still manage to deliver A+ natural products. They’re ethically made products which are healthier for you, your hairdresser and the environment. It’s a win-win situation!

Clarity Essential Wellness Products

How does natural hair dye work?

Basically it’s the same chemistry as your stock standard hair dyes, but Organic Colour Systems have taken out the synthetic ingredients wherever possible and replaced with natural and organic ingredients. 

Essentially, better quality ingredients and better quality colour for your beautiful tresses

With natural hair dye, it’s not just about that ‘just out of the salon colour’, natural hair dyes are built for longevity and to help your hair in the long run. Yes, what we’re saying is they will in fact last longer and not damage the hair - so that the colour can be locked in which ultimately reduces fading. 

And what we do at Clarity, that many other hairdressers don't, is repair damage before we colour - we get our canvas perfect before we start. Colour takes better and lasts longer on healthy hair. 

Does natural hair dye cover grey?

Yes natural hair dye absolutely does cover greys.

Can natural hair dye be bright?

Yes, natural hair colour can give you that bright pop of freshness you’re looking for.

Can you go blonde without bleach using natural hair dye?

Yes you can. Just take a look below or at our gallery page to see some of the impressive colour changes our clients have had.

Natural hair dye can do everything other hair dyes can do, but better. At the end of the day, if you’re going to be colouring your hair, natural hair dye is the healthiest and safest option to keep your locks in tip top shape.

Still don’t believe us? Then pop by our hairdressing salon in Sale for a consultation and we can have a look at what’s right for you and your hair.

We hope to see you soon x