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Hi. Welcome to Clarity Essential Wellness.

We’re a salon in Sale, Victoria, that does things a little differently. (And by a little, we mean a lot.) A one-stop shop for all things beauty - inside and out - we offer a broad range of services designed to address everything from split ends to tummy troubles. Our approach is holistic. (Which is why we’re the only place in town with both hair styling and colonic irrigation on the menu.) We don’t use toxic chemicals in any of our treatments either. Why? Because frankly, they’re terrible for you. And us. And the environment. And contrary to popular opinion, they don’t work any better than their natural and organic counterparts.

Led by founder and owner Jacinta Chaffey, our team of passionate beauty experts believe that looking good and feeling well go hand in hand. Our mission? To make embracing your natural good looks easy. (Because, really, who has time for difficult?) And we’re proud to say our clients are picking up what we’re putting down. We’ve built a community of loyal (and really, really ridiculously good-looking) regulars since we opened our doors in 2016, and we’re not done spreading our message of healthy beauty yet.


Okay, but why the big focus on “natural” beauty?

While our fearless leader had been working in the hair industry for over a decade before she established Clarity Essential Wellness, it wasn’t an enthusiasm for highlights that inspired her to open a salon. It was actually her child’s illness. When Jacinta’s son became unwell, she began studying how a cleaner lifestyle could help her family. What followed was a deep dive into the toxic ingredients found in everyday products. Naturally, salon chemicals were next under the microscope. Next, Jacinta found colonic irrigation which she says “saved her life”. Not long after starting this journey, Jacinta came across Organic Colours System, a premium hair colour and care range made with certified organic ingredients. After discovering that the brand truly did deliver first-class results, she set about creating a space in which she could beautify clients without compromising their health. And just like that, Clarity Essential Wellness was born. Today, we only stock the best natural and organic brands on the market, with each product personally tried, tested and recommended by Jacinta personally.